Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whole Foods.

Whole Foods.  Listening to Pandora Radio.  Coffee sitting next to my computer.  On the second floor looking out of the giant glass windows.  
I see a gentleman wearing the famous YMCA t-shirt....oh! and there is another one!  Although, this YMCA shirt is a tan color rather than the stark white.  One man is crossing the street pushing the grocery cart that he was chasing after earlier when putting groceries away into his silver SUV.  A couple crosses the street, holding hands and laughing while a woman with long stringy auburn color hair is talking on the phone following the couple's happy trail.  
Every now and then I see the sun reflected off the blimp that is floating over the Titan's game.  It reminds me of an anchored sailboat the way it gently sways back and forth.  

The wind is the blimp's ocean.

There is a live band competing with the music playing through my headphones.  I don't know how much I can take of that.  
I look over to my left at the empty kitchen.  As I look through the glass doors, pass the long wooden tables and their barren chairs, I see 4 hand-prints stuck to the glass wall.  Three little girls run around and are fascinated with the jukebox that stands to my right.  One of the girls, probably about 3 feet tall, wears a pink, yellow, and green striped skirt that hangs down to the middle of her shins.  Black tights fill the gap between her black sneakers and her ankles.  Her blonde hair is cut in a bob and her bangs cover exactly half of her pale velvet forehead.  She trips behind me and whines for a little bit as she tries to keep up with her family's long strides. 

 Between greeting my curly headed roommate, flipping through the pages of The Sartolrialist, (thank you to my dear brother for this birthday gift), talking about The Sartolrialist and the crazy and also inspiring fashion photographed in this book about people, saying goodbye to my curly headed friend, answering a phone call from my blonde headed friend.....the day became night. 
My computer is running out of energy and like a negligent parent, I forgot it's one source of fuel. 
Goodbye until next time....

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  1. :)
    I love your ability to describe your surroundings. I enjoy being there with you when I read it.