Sunday, November 15, 2009

Writing Pangs

I am sitting here in my office at work. The computer screen that lights up my face, stands against a one-sided mirror. It is very entertaining watching people come in and out from their luxurious spa services. Every human gravitates to the mirror and it is very entertaining watching each person examine their newly pampered selves....

I am grateful for this time to write. It gets very quiet here when the employees are doing their jobs well and the guests are tucked away in their beautifying chambers of relaxation.

It's quiet now. So I will write. Why not?

I actually don't know what to write about but I cannot just sit here mindless.....

Here is something I have been thinking: I feel like the older I get the younger I feel and the more confindent I am but also knowing that I still have so much more to learn!!!

Get it?? haha!
How can I make exactly what I'm saying a little more profound?......ummm.....

well, here are two words:

1.) humilty


...realizing life is meant to be lived....with the pain, the heartaches (and oh boy they hurt, but the way God heals in His timing is really it is...after the fact of course...), with laughter (not taking myself too seriously. why am so hard on myself when my Savior is not even that hard on me??...actually He's not hard on me at all!), with the liberty to explore and create (to walk into the things that are embedded in my heart to do and trust that my Lord will pave the path He desires for me to walk down as I do just that), with faith like a child (to know I am human and to know I am created in the image of the God of the Universe....there should be security in that alone.)

In the words I once heard my very good friend use, "I desire to dance my way through life!"

And that I shall:) If we live one life, there should be no reason at all not to dance! Dance so hard that even when you fall, the pain you feel is way more bareable than the pain you are experiencing from laughing so hard.....

I have heard this scripture more than you know but I know for a fact it's true..."The joy of the Lord is our strength."

Life is my dance and laughing is my Lord........

ok then:)

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