Monday, October 26, 2009

The Park.

Have you ever stopped? 

No really.


The definition of this, I believe, almost extinct word is: 
to cease moving, proceeding, speaking, acting, operating , etc.; to pause; desist

Okay.  So, think again.

I'm laying here on my yellow, blue, and green plaid blanket at the park down the street from where I live.  I must say, the weather today, Sunday October 25, year 2009, is the most perfect park-laying-reading-starring-at-the-sky kind of weather.  You know, the kind of weather that is cool in the shade but absolutely wonderful in the sun!

The sky is blue-blue.  The clouds are white and thin; thin enough to say they can use a little meat on their airless bones.  Some clouds remind me of the lines on music sheets while other clouds look like they have been airbrushed onto the sky's blue canvas.  

I'm surrounded by fall's trees.  Some trees already naked, almost more than eager to let go of the things of the past and to reap the fruit of last seasons experiences.  While other trees are still in their peak time of life, standing proud wearing their bright green, yellow, orange, and red colors.  I can hear them laughing with the children who play under their still shaded arms.

The sound of the planes remind me of my life in California.  The skies were always blue like today and living by the airport I was always hearing them.  I made it a game to find and count the planes hidden in California's almost blinding skies.

I am laying on my belly.  My feet are up in the air feeling the breeze through my chipped purple painted toes.  The yellow heated ball in the sky is making my clothes very warm and when it's almost too much to bare, the wind, gentle enough to sweetly move the thin grass-blades on the ground, cools me off.  For that I am thankful.  The park is very hospitable.  I know it is doing everything it can to keep me here.

Have you noticed?  The sounds at the park are nothing but positive.  I hear children yelling for joy while going back and forth on the squeaking chain held swings.....I hear the sound of people laughing.....I hear leaves being crunched and smashed under people's feet.  The birds do not stop singing their always happy tune and as I write right now, the train is whistling in the distance.

The park is also a very busy place for bugs.  I have probably seen ten different kind of insects either flying around me, climbing onto my legs, or landing on top of my water bottle.  And I accidentally killed a beautiful fat and furry bumble bee while swatting it off my blanket.  I am asking Mr. Bumble's family's forgiveness while they are probably holding his funeral right this second.  

I enjoy stopping.  I do not stop much but when I do, I am reminded to stop a little longer next time.....

I am refreshed and I am happy as I see a cute little yellow butterfly flutter by me.
My skin is hungry for the sun's rays and my soul desires to meet my skin's hunger.  So, I will put these pages down and lay my yellow #2 pencil next to them.
Well, hello there giant hawk soaring over my head...... 

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