Saturday, June 12, 2010


i want to write about you but how can one explain the simplicity.....the beauty of you? how can one describe the shear greatness of even the sound of this word? how can one explain this act of experiencing you and how this act is really no act at all but a moment in time...a heart smiling wide just because it can. you are not to be taken advantage of, for you are only but a gift. you are a gift in a world full of many possibilities, things to do and people to see and great heights to be reached. the funny thing is, you can only be cherished when all of these things are not held onto tightly, for they are apart of life but not life itself.
you are the breath breathed throughout life......

"....but the natural heartstrings haven't been snapped, and the adamic flint hasn't been ground to powder, and the bosom has not throbbed with the lonely, surging sighs of gethsemane; and not having the real death marks of Calvary, there cannot be that soft, sweet, gentle, floating, victorious, overflowing, triumphant life that flows like a spring morning from an empty tomb."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

good morning

a long saturday morning.......

i woke up this morning, took a shower and got right back into my pajamas. i watered the garden, threw clothes into the washer, and made myself some coffee. i have been reading, blogging, and chatting with one of my lovely roommates. we are finding out we share the same romance with blogs.
i am listening to the brazilian music of stan getz and will say, unlike most AM's, this partly cloudy saturday morning has been rather picturesque.......

Thursday, June 3, 2010

life shared

i must say how i am thankful for friends who are patient enough to listen to words vomit from my mouth. the most wonderful thing about vomiting to friends is that you are not alone to clean up the mess. not only do you clean up the mess together, the "listener" also does a little spilling themselves. this is what makes a friendship so beautiful. the vulnerability, the honesty, the bouncing back and forth with each are not alone in your heartache. you are not alone in your excitement. you are not alone in the processing of life.
it takes two people to create life and it takes life to be shared.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

cracked door

sometimes life is like this photo.
i took this in memphis at the peabody hotel. this is the hotel where ducks just chill and walk around in the lobby.

what i could see when i peaked thru the cracks of this door is what looked like a beautiful ballroom. i really wanted to just open the dang doors and experience the fullness of it's glory but the doors being locked pretty much hindered me from doing so. i was just happy that the crack was big enough to see the waxed floor, the glistening chandelier that hung in the middle of the room, and the arched window in the very back that allowed sunlight to stream thru.

these were glimpses. glimpses of the beauty in this room. life here on earth is exactly like this. would you agree? we experience beauty in many different ways, different times, and share the beauty that inhabits our souls with different people.

to me, beauty is the sky in all it's seasons. to me, beauty is the purple orchid, the red rose. to me, beauty is the visible but then beauty is also what we do not always see right then and there. beauty is the excitement of a new relationship forming. beauty is in the unconditional love for someone. beauty is in the simplicity of holding that someone's hand for the first time. beauty is holding that someone's hand you have lived with for years, been thru it all, and still find comfort and love in this simple act and maybe even get the same feelings as if it were for the first time. beauty is seeing my once angry and bitter grandfather turn to his family in the hospital room and smile a smile that speak to all of us more than words could ever speak...a smile that tells us he is in the presence of our heavenly Father....a smile that tells us how he has been forgiven and is asking for ours as well. beauty are longings fulfilled. beauty is in the sound of our pain and our joys.

beauty are the glimpses we see thru the cracked door of life here on earth......