Friday, November 20, 2009



right now I am enjoying my room for the first time.  i am not sleeping in it.  i am not cleaning it.  i am not looking for clothes to wear.  i am not even trying to decorate it.  no… i am simply on my bed and enjoying the candles that light up my room only enough that I am able to see the figures that stand around them…. 

the music drifts in from my ipod that is playing in the living room right around the corner. most of the house right now is filled with the flickering light of candles. why are candles so amazing?!  they are one of the most simplest things in life and yet with even one candle lit in a dark room, immediately hope bursts forth.

as i look around my room i notice the beauty of each artifact, (others may call clutter), on my fireplace and dresser drawer.  with the candles lit you can see each item for the beauty of what it is.  candles create shadows which then creates definition and i am seeing that right now. with a light bulb, you can definitely see things better but everything becomes one dimensional or flat.  i rather see things in 3d.  not to say i won’t ever use a light bulb, cause i will.  i just hope that i will use my candles more..... 

their stillness stills me.  their simplicity calms me.  their beauty inspires me.   they have also wooed me into my room to just simply be and for that i am thankful.  i am hoping to do this more…..

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