Friday, May 28, 2010


buildings of new york

traveling is a love of mine.
i love the smell of airports. i love sitting in section B105 waiting for my flight from nashville to fill in the blank come in. watching people, their styles and their corks, walk by and wonder about their life and where they're headed is incredibly mind filling. being high up in the air, gazing out the tiny plastic window, and smiling because of the beauty that stares straight back at me is one of my most favorite moments in the world.
the journey is apart of the destination when i fly. i forget that in life so often and for some reason i never forget it when i travel.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

eye candy!!

i will thank my friend for introducing me to this time sucker /slash/ AMAZING blog. the beauty that you see on this page all came from: fun lookin!

Monday, May 24, 2010

finger twirling my hair world of many planned. life unplanned.
photo by andrew white

I have a filing cabinet that sits behind my eyes and shares space between both the left and the right side of my brain. I use to keep it very organized. I have many left brained thoughts that I would keep filed in the folder labeled "practical." And I use to keep my right brained thoughts in a folder labeled "creative". Recently my thoughts have been merging. Actually, there was a time that every folder in this cabinet exploded and what may seem to be a messy problem to clean up has in fact turned into a world of found items, both old and new. Right now, I guess you can say it is a folder of maybe every idea and possibility I have ever had, both practical and creative.

So, the cabinet that sits behind my eyes and that shares space between the left and right side of my brain, contains one giant manilla folder labeled, "ideas and possibilities". I would say I am looking at them one by one and in time finding what creative thoughts are actually very practical!

This photo is me. The vineyard is my world of possibilities. I wear a thinking cap. My finger twirling my hair is the fun I am having doing it and the freedom I am experiencing living it!