Saturday, April 30, 2011

the village of hope

i went to a place called africa.
in africa, a place called uganda.
in uganda, a place called, gulu.
in gulu, a refuge place for the precious children of war.......
the village of hope.
and hope was truly being lived there......

experienced a lot.
eyes were opened.
tears were shed.
arms were hugging.
mouths were laughing and singing.
hearts were filled.
time is still processing this 10 day journey filled with beauty in all aspects beauty can be lived....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

tweed baby outfitters

i have the pleasure of working here this lovely easter weekend!

if babies were into fashion they would drive their miniature cars here and shop 'till they drop!
but because they are very much incapable of doing that, their parents, extended family, and/or friends come to tweed on their behalf and have no problem finding clothes and fun items for the wee tots!;)
maggie, owner and mastermind of tweed, has not only created a place for fashionable (and adorable) baby clothes BUT a place of creative inspiration as well!
if you have a wee one or know of a wee one, tweed baby outfitters is the place to come!
i'm in love with it.
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