Friday, February 12, 2010

white noise

While I was going to sleep last night, my ears were drowned by white noise. You know, the noise that is made up of no noise at all! My ears were burning for the sounds of the big city….the constant echos that I heard when I slept high in the New York hotel room. Those sounds comfort me. They make me grateful for being safe, cozy, and warm inside and in bed while knowing there are still people up and about. It gives me a sense of security knowing these people are up. It’s almost as if they are keeping watch over me.

So, I tuned my ears to start listening for the streets of my 12th South neighborhood. Yes, just a little bit smaller than the city of NY, but when it is quiet throughout the house and the only noise you hear is white noise and the occasional automatic heater turning on and off......then the tones and the humming of my neighborhood start to sound like a city that may never actually sleep.

And I feel safe and find myself drifting off into la-la land.......

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