Monday, February 22, 2010

coffee mug of the day

I never go for the same mug to pour my freshly brewed coffee into.  Something that I became aware of this morning while saying to myself, “Which coffee mug today, I wonder?”

I woke up to the sound of hammering.  They are cleaning out the house next door.  I sat up in bed, climbed out, put my roommates comfy blue fluffy sweater on, (thanks for letting me borrow it, blonde headed friend), and walked straight to the kitchen.  I opened the blinds to let some morning white light in, white because of the grey clouds that cover the sun’s yellow light.  I filled the automatic teakettle with water then flipped its switch to get the boiling started.  I reached for the coffee beans and the coffee grinder above the refrigerator.  Mmmmmm….there is nothing like the smell of coffee beans.  After grinding it, I poured the bean’s soil into the glassed french press.   Once the water was boiled, I poured it into the french press and watched the fight happen between the grounds and the piping hot liquid until they both surrendered and came to a stop.  I let it steep.  Now came the critical part of my coffee making experience……

“Which mug today, I wonder?”  I can’t tell you why exactly I do this but I can say picking out the right mug to pour a fresh cup of coffee into is a fun completing factor to the new day that has begun with a cup of coffee made by my very own hands.

So, I poured the warm caffeinated drink into the mug of the day and today it became the “dad” mug.  The word, DAD, is painted onto the mug’s off white background while the handle is shaped like a pipe that a grandfather would be holding in his mouth while sitting in his creaky wooden rocking chair.  I do not know why I chose that mug today and then a different one yesterday but what I do know is that it sat well with my soul and allowed the warm liquid sitting in the mug to slide down my throat and immediately warm my insides and also awaken me for the day’s happenings that lay in front of me….

Cheers darlin' and top of the mornin' to you as well!;) 

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  1. I love this, as simple as it may be, it is lovely. And I have a DAD mug too :) with a sky blue design with white whales. Haha.