Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of july!

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

It's a relaxing one for me:) I am here in paradise haven, aka Rosemary home away from home. I love this place. There is nothing like it. I am here with my pops. We are having a sweet time together. I adore my father. I am so very blessed and also know all too well how rare my relationship with him is. And me realizing this, I pray I never take it for granted.
Tonight we are cooking artichokes which we both have never cooked before. We will see how they turn out;)
Right now I am sitting at the cafe that lives directly under my family's loft. Yes, coffee is very convenient. It was bright and sunny all day and not as hot as July at the beach usually is. Right now the sky is turning a dark evening storm would be very nice. I feel the wind that might very well be from this storm on my back right now.
I should go start the dinner cooking....
Have a wonderful freedom day everybody! Be a kid and get excited about watching the colorful fireworks!:)

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