Saturday, June 12, 2010


i want to write about you but how can one explain the simplicity.....the beauty of you? how can one describe the shear greatness of even the sound of this word? how can one explain this act of experiencing you and how this act is really no act at all but a moment in time...a heart smiling wide just because it can. you are not to be taken advantage of, for you are only but a gift. you are a gift in a world full of many possibilities, things to do and people to see and great heights to be reached. the funny thing is, you can only be cherished when all of these things are not held onto tightly, for they are apart of life but not life itself.
you are the breath breathed throughout life......

"....but the natural heartstrings haven't been snapped, and the adamic flint hasn't been ground to powder, and the bosom has not throbbed with the lonely, surging sighs of gethsemane; and not having the real death marks of Calvary, there cannot be that soft, sweet, gentle, floating, victorious, overflowing, triumphant life that flows like a spring morning from an empty tomb."

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