Monday, January 25, 2010

voice of beauty

I’m sitting here, actually lying on the ground of an East Nashville basement turned into a recording studio.  I am just using this free time to write a lil somethin-somethin:)  And no, I am not the one recording.  Although, I will not lie....I would love to be the one recording!  The ability to sing will be greatly taken advantage of when I am in heaven indeed!  I guess I get the privilege of being able to enjoy, to bask in, to be fully drenched by the beauty of music’s organized noise.  At times, music is able to take me almost as far as the heavens and then at other times it is able to mirror the raw emotions of me being this human on earth.    The hum of this beauty encompasses pain, deep joy,  sorrow, laughter, love broken and love in full, holiness….

music is the voice of beauty…..

…and who doesn't like listening to beauty??

 Music: the art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.

just lovely....

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