Sunday, January 3, 2010

just because.

here are some photos that i just like. they inspire me a lil. there will probably be more to come.
(they are all found in via

white barn.
this is very fresh and still really down to earth. i would love to use this place as an office of some sort. how awesome would that be?!

chalkboard kitchen.
i am obsessed with chalkboard walls right now and this photo just fed my hunger for it:)

lollypop girlie.
i just like the coloring in this photo. i like the algae you can see growing on the steps. i like the brown and white stripes on this little girls hat. i like the BIG lollypop she is holding in her small hands. you know she is concentrating on downing this sucker! 

these shoes have a story and probably many at that!

i just like this photo period. i like the idea of putting silverware in drawer compartments like this . 

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