Monday, February 7, 2011

young and restless

i received an email the other day from my dad. in this email there were photos of my parents tan as can be and chillin' on the beach in their 1980's looking bathing suits. i couldn't get the photos to load for some reason so i decided to find other photos of my parents.....young, full of energy, infused with plenty of vitamin d, 27 and living life, and in love......

(my dad is the second one on the left)


(my faces are definitely from this woman right here)

(my dad is the one laying on the floor. they posed exactly like the band chicago)

(they called her "legs")

my sweet parents.
27 and in love.


  1. oh my gosh georgia. these photos are so inspiring!!! i can't believe how much you look like your mom and trae looks like your dad (especially the seventh one down!)! so crazy! your parents have always been two people i look at and think "i want to be like them ___years down the road"

  2. these are amazing. how encouraging + inspiring to have a love like theirs to look up to.