Friday, November 5, 2010

corner table

it is typical fall/winter day today in Nashville, Tennessee.....gray, cold, windy. half of earth's landscape is covered in colored leaves while the other half is barren. i am sitting at a local cafe. this is a newer cafe in town and it is busy with conversations, school work, and the sound of espresso machines. i have been in here before but it hasn't been until now that i have seen the cafe's tables entertaining so many guests!

i see a few people i know and a friend of mine joins me to work. why do i get inspired to write on days like this? and why do i have to be in my own world, at the corner table, drowning out the sounds by the music playing through my earphones, and occasionally looking up and starring at this home made for people and caffeine? it's funny to me how that works and how my brain works like that! but it is true. i am inspired by people. i am inspired by coffee shops surrounded by windows and behind them looking in, the colors and scenes of nature.

i really like how everyone is bundled up today.....scarves, hats, coats. i can already smell the warmth of the thanksgiving turkey coming out of the oven and the evergreen tree lit up by white lights in the living room. i cannot remember the last time i was this excited for winter like this! but i will not think about it too much or i will remember why that is;)

i think i could write my thoughts out like this all day but maybe i'll slow down and save some of them for a later time. although, i don't think i could ever run out of

i will be back soon but until then....

bundle up and don't forget to watch the fall leaves change color because it is happening way too fast!!

(a luscious fall tree in my lovely little neighborhood!)

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