Wednesday, April 21, 2010

destination vs. journey

I use to be a destination kinda girl, but I think I'm becoming a journey kinda girl....

Life is so crazy.  So crazy.  We walk into so many different seasons, some more calm than others while others more distraught.  We need them all.  And as I am saying "we" I must say that the "we" is ME included.  Actually, that is why I write this today.  I am learning so much about living and just being me on this earth filled with so many opportunities, so many people's voices, so many creative ways to live.  
Who am I?
What do people say I should "do"?
What's easy?
How do I live to the fullest?
I don't want to "miss" any opportunity.
But bottom line, dangit!....what do I want to do?
So many questions.  So many thoughts.  And all those thoughts in and of themselves are fine questions to ask.  There is nothing wrong with thinking!  We are suppose to use our minds!  But when those thoughts start to rule your life and stifle actually LIVING, (which we are suppose to do) then the fear and the questions start ruling your life instead of where you are suppose to be right now.  Today.  This moment.  
Ok. Let me just say this again......

Right now.
This moment.
Doesn't these simple lines make you breathe a little more easier?

Wouldn't life be a lot fuller if we just concerned ourselves with NOW.  Are we suppose to look to the future?  No, really think about.  Are we?  Yes, there are goals we can set and planning to do....we do need to prepare for certain things but even in those things, we cannot live them fully until they are here.  What we can do is walk in the questions of this day.  I think when we do that it puts us in a place where we can be human and let God be our God.  
Hold on!  Wait.  So, we can be human?  We can live and not worry about tomorrow?!  I believe what the Lord has said, "Do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough worries of its own", means to do just that!  Yes, I am beginning to believe what God says He actually means!  There are plenty of things to worry about today, why do we put our minds through so much torture when we actually do not need to?  I know I do it because I start putting life in a box using the amazing mind our Creator has given me but it is still very small and still can only imagine or dream so far. 
Embracing life right now allows the things that seem "small" become exciting and adventurous things and way bigger than we may ever know!  We can live the things of today in uncertainty because we know that what is today is apart of the journey of tomorrow and so forth......

I use to be a destination kinda girl and I am starting to truly become a journey kinda girl.  And let me just say, I am really liking it!

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